14 years ago I immigrated to the United States for the love of a good woman. Seven years later I became a citizen. During my swearing-in at the federal courthouse in Nashville, the judge reminded each of us newly minted citizens that we had the power and the responsibility to make a difference.

I’ve watched as the Republican Party at every level–from local to national–chose party over country, over state, over county, over district and enacted policies that gutted our infrastructure, marginalized the less-fortunate, and ensured no one else had the ability to pull themselves up by those bootstraps they are so fond of pointing to.

I believe Tennesseans have the right to affordable healthcare and a living wage. And I believe we need to enact sensible gun control measures to ensure the safety of all Tennesseans.

My name is keifel a. agostini, and I’m running for Tennessee House District 89.