Let’s Be Better

My name is Keifel Agostini and I’m running for TN House District 89 because I believe our community can be better and it starts with better representation. There are no simple solutions to all the problems we face but better understanding and communication can help resolve them.
We work hard every day but we need to be better at ensuring the jobs in our state pay well enough that people can work and be present for their families.
We are resilient but need to be better about ensuring we all have adequate healthcare coverage that does not leave us with crippling debt if a family member should fall ill.
Our children are eager to face tomorrow’s challenges and need to be better about taking care of our children. Taking care of our children does not only mean ensuring they’re protected, but also ensuring they are properly prepared for the future.
With your help, I aim to make things better for the people of House District 89 and all Tennesseans. I hope I can count on your vote in the Primary on August 2 and for the General Election on November 6. We can be better, and do better, with your participation.